Friday, August 2, 2013

So, the mastodon walked into the church...

Another one to file this under the 'questions it never occurred to me that I might ask' category. "A mastodon skeleton?... in an old church?"

The answer: artists. It’s always the stinking artists! It is a sculpture of a mastodon skeleton, and the old church is now ‘converted’ (hmm.. sorry) into the Remsen Arts Center. But still, the juxtaposition is rather striking. If you need something to do this weekend, check out the Remsen Family Weekend and go to the Arts Center. And while you are there, look for my photos in the art show. Enjoy.

The Sea Hag took my stuff!

A few years ago, when I started to enter some photos in shows and exhibits, my aunt Mary suggested that I take some of my photos to a shop in Brackney PA.  The shop - Sea Hag Soaps& Art Mercantile.  I thought I would give it a try and so I sent the owner, Colleen Kane, an email with a few sample pictures attached.  She liked the photos, and was willing to try to sell some, but indicated that for whatever reason she had a difficult time selling photography in her shop.  She asked that I get back to her in couple of weeks after some big event they were getting ready for.  I thanked her, got involved in other things, and never followed up.

Until this July.  I emailed Colleen again and asked if she again would be willing to take a look at some photos and/or the greeting cards that I have been making from the photos.  She would look at them, and indicated that they do quite well with greeting cards.  So on the 4th of July I left some sample cards with aunt Mary to show Colleen.  Mary left them with Colleen to look at when she had a chance.  I went to Binghamton within a week of the drop-off, and a number of the cards had already sold!  Colleen was very gracious during visit, took more cards that I brought with me, and had ordered some more!  Hurray for the Sea Hag!  So if you have a chance, visit the store, or visit them online.  And look for my cards.

Photo: At the Sea Hag collected eggs and fed the chickens.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

More highlights (part 2 - cool cats and clouds)

Welcome to part 2 of the April - June highlights.

First, I certainly need to mention the forthcoming book by my friend and colleague Gary Leising.  Of course I will plug it here!  But in addition to being a publication worthy of attention on its own, he asked me if I would take his 'author photograph' to appear in the book as well as something for the cover art!  So, here is what the cover will like.  Excellent!

And here is Gary looking poetic.

In other news, the photograph "Still" has selected as a first place winner for the year-end competition of the Utica Camera Club in the category of color photos.  I have shown this before on this site and in my exhibition at the Stanley earlier this year.

Additionally, this photo, along with the ever-popular "Grass Tree Cloud Sky," will be on display at the upcoming Roberson Museum Regional Art Show from July 14 - October 27.  So if you are in the Binghamton area, please check them out!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The highlights... (part 1 - the many Abby)

It has been quite a long time since I posted anything, so I thought instead of thinking carefully about what I should post I should just post something.  So here are the highlights of the last few months or so (April - June)!

I was the unofficial photographer for the Dancenter's 2013 dance recital.  I took over 4,300 photos between the two shows!  That's a lot of photos...  I learned a whole lot about what to do and what not to do in those kinds of situations.  You may see a selection of them at

"UNINVITED" at the Dancenter's 2013 recital

 I once again was fortunate enough to have a photo accepted for the Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute's annual Sidewalk Show.  I have shown this photo a few times. Please vote!

'Warhol-ized' version of "Botanical View"

Speaking of the MWPAI, I also submitted an entry to the photo contest running in conjunction with the Andy Warhol exhibit.  The 'theme' was that you were to 'Warhol-ize' an image.  I gave that a shot.  If you like it, please vote for this too!

It was fun to take this photo I had of Abby and manipulate it in a variety of ways.  Hopefully the outcome is adequate.

More highlights - coming soon!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

April updates (part 2)

A few more updates from April:

My friend and colleague Gary Leising used some of my photos for his poetry publications! He will soon have a chap book of his poetry coming out and used a photo for the cover art, and he also is using a couple of "author photos" that I took of him at his house.  I had never really done portrait photography, so we tried a number of shots and a few of them came out nicely.  Nice enough for him to use them anyway!  My thanks to Gary for the opportunity!  I will post the results once they are published.

My photo exhibit at the Stanley Theater came down at the beginning of the month. Each time I am involved in a show (especially a solo show), it is a learning experience.  I am grateful to the Stanley for allowing me to have the show.  It is always nice to see the pieces hanging in a gallery setting.  The final tally was that four pieces sold at the show!!  The Stanley asked if I would be interested in showing again next year (!), so early discussions are underway... stay tuned.

My greeting cards are beginning to sell (!) at MWPAI.  My plan is to stop in to see which ones have sold and how many.  I know that some have because I got a check in the mail!!  I am starting to look for other places to sell them, including RACC - they have indicated interest but I haven't gotten the forms yet.

I just took a bunch of photos at my daughter's dance competition. She did an outstanding job, and I got some good shots of her and others from the studio.

And of course, spring presents many opportunities for photography.  Here are a couple of shots of flowers.  I am trying to learn how to isolate a subject on a white background in the photo... without chopping it out and pasting!

Orchid & Bud

Ethereal Spring

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April update

Been a bit too long since I have posted anything.  I have had a variety of things occurring on the photo-front, but I will post them in a series of entries rather than one long rambling post.

One event was the hike of the Asa Gray Biological Society up Bald Mountain in the Adirondacks.  We lucked out and had a gorgeous day for the hike, and the views from the top were wonderful.  I think that everyone had a good time, and I hope we can have more events like that for the group.

Today's photo shows the blues of the Adirondacks. Enjoy!

Monday, March 11, 2013

A birthday, greeting cards, the show, and snow

Rapid fire updates:

First off, Happy Birthday to Erin!  She is now one year older than she was yesterday...

Since birthdays often involve cards, I thought that I would mention that the greeting cards that wrote about in a previous post have at long last been dropped off at MWPAI and should now be available in the gift shop.  Many thanks to the folks there for the opportunity and their patience.

My photo exhibit continues at the Stanley Theater until the end of the month (March 2013), so if you haven't seen it please try to stop by for a look around.

And I like this photo of a snowflake.  I gave it the listed title for obvious reasons, but also think that I could have given it a title like "Comet" or "Shooting Star" given the tail trailing off to the left.  Anyway, here it is.

"Last Snowflake Standing"

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The dead of winter

OK, so the title for this post really is based solely on the photos that are included.  The first is a photo - When snowflakes die - of some newly melted snowflakes.  I was out brushing off the car the other morning and noticed that it was snowing very lightly... a flake here, a flake there, etc.  I also noticed that the snow was in the form of perfect little flakes, and they were landing ever so gently on the car windshield and windows (white snowflakes + clean, transparent, dark-ish background = good photo potential). So I went inside, put on some better boots and grabbed the camera. Well, the temperature must have been right at the freezing point and rising.  While the snowflakes had initially landed and stayed in place, once I grabbed the camera they were melting within a second or two of landing... not much time to find them with the camera, focus, and take the shot.  Obviously, I missed these two snowflakes but I thought that the water in the pattern of the melted flakes was interesting.
"When snowflakes die"

The next photo ("Corpus") fits the 'dead' theme of this post, but doesn't really have anything to do with winter.  This photo is the result of a project that my friend and colleague Gary Leising got me started on.  I will talk more about that project and what the results might be in a later post but I just liked how this turned out.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

The show's reception

Many thanks to the folks that made it to the reception of my show at the Stanley Theater!  I really appreciate your effort and am glad that you were able to stop in and have a look.

My name on the marquee!

With the family...
...and my Grandmother...

... and friend Meg.

For those of you that just couldn't get enough of the photos, or for anyone that can't make it before the show closes, or for anyone that believes that one Kinked Tree Photography (KTP) blog isn't enough(!), I have created a new blog (KTP: Pieces & Exhibits) that is that has small images of the pieces in the show.  Please check it out if you feel so inclined.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


An announcement of my show appeared in the Rome Sentinel paper (here) and also in the Utica OD paper in the 315 section.  I am very grateful to everyone!

Whatever peoples' reactions to this show, days like this spent with your child, with views of the lakes and the mountains, are more fun and rewarding and ultimately mean much more than whether or not people come to look at my pictures.

One left

Here is a composite in the "Grass Tree Cloud Sky" series.  I admit there is no grass shown in the third shot, but hey, it is winter.  One shot left to take... coming Spring 2013!

Speaking of one left, there is only one day left until the reception for me photo show at the Stanley Theater!  (Friday, Feb. 22, 2013, from 5-7pm)  The top photo of the tree is in the show.  I am excited and nervous all at the same time.  I just hope that it goes well and some people are able to stop by for a look.  Maybe I will see you there.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Exhibit Announcement for Stanley Theater

Here is the link to my photo show announcement at the Stanley Theater:

The photos are all hung, and the final details are all being worked out!  I am very excited and I hope that the reception has a good turn-out!  And, of course, my greatest hope is that people like the photos... I was at the theater the other night to see a show (Addams Family - excellent show by the way), and a woman was looking at the photos before any of the info or wall cards had gone up.  She turned to me saying that she really liked the photos and asked if I knew anything about the photographer!  That led to a very nice conversation.  I thought the whole thing was kind of funny, and naturally I was very pleased.

Hope to see you at the reception!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Exhibit at the Stanley Theater

I have an exhibit of my photos in the South Hall Gallery of the Stanley Theater (here) from now through the end of March.  There are over 30 pieces in the exhibit!  Please come to the reception if you are able, or take a few minutes to look if you are at the Stanley for one of the other events.

The reception for my exhibit is Friday, Feb. 22nd from 5-7pm.   

The South Hall Gallery is on the second floor, to the right of the theater itself - the space overlooking the loading dock area.  You can enter either through that entrance, or from the theater itself during a show.  There will be a cash bar and light hors d'oeuvres at the reception.  I hope to see you there!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Latest developments with my photos

Developments... photos... get it?  (Sorry.)

Anyway... In addition to the shows that I discussed in the previous post, there are some other miscellaneous items to report, along with announcements for upcoming events.

First: On the microstock front, I have submitted numerous new photos to the various agencies and submitted to several new agencies.  My acceptance rates to these agencies are still really rather low but have improved a bit.  They have improved because my understanding of what they want, and my understanding of the quality of images they require, has increased.  They are still low because I just don't shoot that kind of material often.  I shoot what I like, and they happen to take some of it.  I won't quit my day job anytime soon.  The good news is that 1 photo has sold!  Now Photocase (a German company) is holding 3.92 Euros for me for the indefinite future.  Another 96 Euros to go, and they will send me the money... if I live that long...  Anyway, small advances!

Second: My friend and colleague Gary Leising, recently published a poem that was initially inspired by one of my photos.  Click HERE to see the poem in the Cortland Review and hear an audio file of Gary actually reading it! This is the photo.

Third: I will soon have photo greeting cards available in the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute gift shop!! Sue Costanza of the Utica Art Association works there and suggested I talk to those folks about carrying my photos as cards.  So I printed some up and talked with them.  Now we have a year long agreement to carry a few of my cards to see if they sell.  Pretty cool!  Here are the 12 images that they selected to have as cards that will be available, hopefully within the week!

Fourth:  I am having an exhibit at the Stanley Theater!!  I took my photos there yesterday and dropped them off.  It will run from now until the end of March.  More details to follow soon!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Still here

There has been a bunch of art-related stuff going on over the last several months, and I should catch you up!  I have participated in three group shows: the Utica Camera Club show at the Barrett Gallery at Utica College, the inaugural Utica Marsh art show at the Utica Public Library, and a members' show for the Utica Art Association also at the Utica Public Library. 

The Utica Camera Club show was great.  The library was recently renovated and  looks fantastic.  The club members submitted some fabulous pieces and it looked really well done. Very sharp.  A tip of the hat and many thanks to all the members that submitted pieces, and to the staff at the gallery that worked so hard to get it done! Thanks!

The inaugural Utica Marsh art show at the Utica Public Library was a great learning experience for me.  I took on much of the responsibility of organizing the show, and I learned a great deal about what it takes to do that. It is one thing to enter a piece in a competition or members' show.  It is quite another thing to work with a gallery for a solo show, where they do much of the grunt work.  It is a whole different ballgame when you put the thing together from the ground up!!  Fortunately we were able to pull it off and put together a very nice show to raise community awareness regarding the Utica Marsh.  Again, many thanks to the library staff (especially Joyce!!) and all that contributed pieces.  A quick shot of the gallery during the show.

Lastly, there was a show for members of the Utica Art Association, which was also held in the same space at the library.  Another round of thanks for everyone involved.