Friday, August 2, 2013

The Sea Hag took my stuff!

A few years ago, when I started to enter some photos in shows and exhibits, my aunt Mary suggested that I take some of my photos to a shop in Brackney PA.  The shop - Sea Hag Soaps& Art Mercantile.  I thought I would give it a try and so I sent the owner, Colleen Kane, an email with a few sample pictures attached.  She liked the photos, and was willing to try to sell some, but indicated that for whatever reason she had a difficult time selling photography in her shop.  She asked that I get back to her in couple of weeks after some big event they were getting ready for.  I thanked her, got involved in other things, and never followed up.

Until this July.  I emailed Colleen again and asked if she again would be willing to take a look at some photos and/or the greeting cards that I have been making from the photos.  She would look at them, and indicated that they do quite well with greeting cards.  So on the 4th of July I left some sample cards with aunt Mary to show Colleen.  Mary left them with Colleen to look at when she had a chance.  I went to Binghamton within a week of the drop-off, and a number of the cards had already sold!  Colleen was very gracious during visit, took more cards that I brought with me, and had ordered some more!  Hurray for the Sea Hag!  So if you have a chance, visit the store, or visit them online.  And look for my cards.

Photo: At the Sea Hag collected eggs and fed the chickens.

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