Monday, March 11, 2013

A birthday, greeting cards, the show, and snow

Rapid fire updates:

First off, Happy Birthday to Erin!  She is now one year older than she was yesterday...

Since birthdays often involve cards, I thought that I would mention that the greeting cards that wrote about in a previous post have at long last been dropped off at MWPAI and should now be available in the gift shop.  Many thanks to the folks there for the opportunity and their patience.

My photo exhibit continues at the Stanley Theater until the end of the month (March 2013), so if you haven't seen it please try to stop by for a look around.

And I like this photo of a snowflake.  I gave it the listed title for obvious reasons, but also think that I could have given it a title like "Comet" or "Shooting Star" given the tail trailing off to the left.  Anyway, here it is.

"Last Snowflake Standing"

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The dead of winter

OK, so the title for this post really is based solely on the photos that are included.  The first is a photo - When snowflakes die - of some newly melted snowflakes.  I was out brushing off the car the other morning and noticed that it was snowing very lightly... a flake here, a flake there, etc.  I also noticed that the snow was in the form of perfect little flakes, and they were landing ever so gently on the car windshield and windows (white snowflakes + clean, transparent, dark-ish background = good photo potential). So I went inside, put on some better boots and grabbed the camera. Well, the temperature must have been right at the freezing point and rising.  While the snowflakes had initially landed and stayed in place, once I grabbed the camera they were melting within a second or two of landing... not much time to find them with the camera, focus, and take the shot.  Obviously, I missed these two snowflakes but I thought that the water in the pattern of the melted flakes was interesting.
"When snowflakes die"

The next photo ("Corpus") fits the 'dead' theme of this post, but doesn't really have anything to do with winter.  This photo is the result of a project that my friend and colleague Gary Leising got me started on.  I will talk more about that project and what the results might be in a later post but I just liked how this turned out.