Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The highlights... (part 1 - the many Abby)

It has been quite a long time since I posted anything, so I thought instead of thinking carefully about what I should post I should just post something.  So here are the highlights of the last few months or so (April - June)!

I was the unofficial photographer for the Dancenter's 2013 dance recital.  I took over 4,300 photos between the two shows!  That's a lot of photos...  I learned a whole lot about what to do and what not to do in those kinds of situations.  You may see a selection of them at

"UNINVITED" at the Dancenter's 2013 recital

 I once again was fortunate enough to have a photo accepted for the Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute's annual Sidewalk Show.  I have shown this photo a few times. Please vote!

'Warhol-ized' version of "Botanical View"

Speaking of the MWPAI, I also submitted an entry to the photo contest running in conjunction with the Andy Warhol exhibit.  The 'theme' was that you were to 'Warhol-ize' an image.  I gave that a shot.  If you like it, please vote for this too!

It was fun to take this photo I had of Abby and manipulate it in a variety of ways.  Hopefully the outcome is adequate.

More highlights - coming soon!

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