Tuesday, July 31, 2012


"Stages" is the title of this photo.

I am not sure what stage I am in...

As for the image, this isn't the typical flower shot in that the flower is secondary to the buds in front of it. I also really like the color tones in this image.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Here are a few photos from a trip to New York City last month. The super-clever titles are, in random order:
"Great Balloon Escape"               "Waiting"                    "City street"

Can you figure out which title goes with which photo?????

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Water here. Water where?

The theme for today's post is water. In two of the photos it is clear how water is an important element, and it the other two photos it is less obvious.  The first photo is entitled "Ondatra zibethicus comes to town." OK, yes, I got a little bio-geeky and used the taxonomic name for a muskrat. I liked how the muskrat continued the lines of the lamp post's reflection.

The second photo is entitled, "Toadlet."  It is a tiny baby toad that is inches away from the unseen stream... hence the water tie-in.

"cracked sky" is the third photo.  This is a dead tree standing in the middle of a marsh area in open water. Again, you can't see any water (except in the clouds), but that is why it is in this themed grouping.  I like how the shape and dark tones of the tree make it look like the sky is breaking and cracking apart. Interpret the photo (or psycho-analyze me) as you will.

And the seen water returns in "Fisherman."  This older gentleman went right out there into the rushing stream to do some fly fishing. The water really was moving quite fast and the current was strong.  I hope he caught something.