Sunday, April 28, 2013

April updates (part 2)

A few more updates from April:

My friend and colleague Gary Leising used some of my photos for his poetry publications! He will soon have a chap book of his poetry coming out and used a photo for the cover art, and he also is using a couple of "author photos" that I took of him at his house.  I had never really done portrait photography, so we tried a number of shots and a few of them came out nicely.  Nice enough for him to use them anyway!  My thanks to Gary for the opportunity!  I will post the results once they are published.

My photo exhibit at the Stanley Theater came down at the beginning of the month. Each time I am involved in a show (especially a solo show), it is a learning experience.  I am grateful to the Stanley for allowing me to have the show.  It is always nice to see the pieces hanging in a gallery setting.  The final tally was that four pieces sold at the show!!  The Stanley asked if I would be interested in showing again next year (!), so early discussions are underway... stay tuned.

My greeting cards are beginning to sell (!) at MWPAI.  My plan is to stop in to see which ones have sold and how many.  I know that some have because I got a check in the mail!!  I am starting to look for other places to sell them, including RACC - they have indicated interest but I haven't gotten the forms yet.

I just took a bunch of photos at my daughter's dance competition. She did an outstanding job, and I got some good shots of her and others from the studio.

And of course, spring presents many opportunities for photography.  Here are a couple of shots of flowers.  I am trying to learn how to isolate a subject on a white background in the photo... without chopping it out and pasting!

Orchid & Bud

Ethereal Spring

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April update

Been a bit too long since I have posted anything.  I have had a variety of things occurring on the photo-front, but I will post them in a series of entries rather than one long rambling post.

One event was the hike of the Asa Gray Biological Society up Bald Mountain in the Adirondacks.  We lucked out and had a gorgeous day for the hike, and the views from the top were wonderful.  I think that everyone had a good time, and I hope we can have more events like that for the group.

Today's photo shows the blues of the Adirondacks. Enjoy!